Virtualvaults is a different kind of website, it does not offer to sell anything, to deliver any information or even to have any contact whatsoever with those that contact this website.

Virtaulvaults came to life to serve those who have lost a loved one, those who carry that continuous thought "I wished I had let know before they died". It serves the purpose of allowing those who feel they they need to try to communicate with someone once close who is no longer with them.

Especially in those quiet times when its dark but not yet dawn.

What can one do when that thought crosses the mind? Maybe say a prayer, you can write but there is no address. You can phone but there is not a number you can call.

Virtualvaults allows you to send an email listing your thoughts and messages. On reaching the site the email is securely destroyed, no one will ever see what has been written, that is a promise.

The email when destroyed could arrive elsewhere, no one can say it will reach whomever you intended it for, and no one can say it will not. Maybe just maybe the writing and sending of the email can be seen as a positive step and possibly go some way to helping the grieving process.

No one can guarantee it will reach the person you wish it to, but we can guarantee total privacy and confidentiality simply because it is automatically destroyed by a technical process.

And maybe just maybe in this mysterious world...?

JW Stephenson